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Are you looking for an easy remedy for a nagging dandruff problem? Do you wish there was a way to get rid of that persistent headache? You have certainly reached the right site. Getting hold of great home remedies has never been easier.

Home remedies is an age-old practice that has been passed onto us by our great old grandfathers and their forefathers. Various home remedies are being passed on from one generation to the next generation. Home remedies believe in the fact that most fruits, vegetables, plants, seeds and nuts have medicinal qualities which can be used to heal common diseases such as headache, cold, cough, dandruff, etc. Research has proved many of such home remedies to be very effective.

How will Inhouseremedy help you?
We have started gathering information from professional people about hundreds of home remedies which are useful for your everyday ailments and health conditions. When you are feeling sick - but not sick enough to visit your doctor, or when you have a running nose, or an ear pain or any such common ailments, you can click the appropriate link and follow the home remedy mentioned on that page. All remedies given in this website are based on foods, vitamins and other natural substances likely to find at home.

Just to give you an example - do you know how simple these home remedies are:
1) Garlic is used to prevent heart attack. It is also used to control blood pressure.
2) Rheumatic and arthritics can be treated using raw potato juice.
3) Hair loss can be prevented with lettuce, spinach juice and coconut milk.
4) Constipation can be cured with figs and so on...

We will be regularly updating home remedies in this site. Always come back and find a new home remedy that has appeared in the list on the left side of the website.

If you do have a good home remedy that you feel can be put on this site, then mail it at inhouseremedy@gmail.com

Wishing you a happy reading.

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The articles on this site provide general information only. A given remedy may have various effects on different people. All the treatments suggested on this site will not normally produce adverse side effects. However as there are always exceptions to the rule, the treatments are taken at the reader's sole discretion.

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